Strongman Training

So, you wish to be a strongman? What you need is some tried-and-true strongman training then. If you’d like some suggestions for a workout which will take your muscles to limits you didn’t know they had then you’re inside the right place. Buckle up, because we’re thinking of doing a comprehensive strongman training circuit. Let’s go through your circuit exercises 1 by 1.

How to Train to get a Strongman Competition

Unlike bodybuilding, strongman training is really best done outside of the gym – in the real world of the strongman. Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to a full strongman course that you can practice in a few times weekly, we’re kind of limited to gym exercises plus some outdoor activities that will mimic the events you will be competing in. So, here are a few exercises that you can do to train for a few different competitions.

Carrying: One of the popular strongman events is carrying of varied objects short distances. This events form of defines the whole sport, so just be sure you are packing on extra week face up, hands and feet and simulating just how long that you’ll be carrying in competition.

Pulling: While you do have the option to get a big truck to fit in the parking lot of one’s local gym and get out there and try pull it, you’ll find less complicated ways to plan a pulling competition. What you want to do is look for a gym that has a prowler or possibly a sled if you want to get ready for a pulling content. Associated with pulling is flipping but also for that you’ll probably must find a real-world equivalent.

Squats: In relation to preparing for the squatting competition your best bet is to do all the variations of squats you will want to reach every single muscle group. That way you’ll be prepared for the increasing weight squats or squats for reps or anything competition throws at you. Switch it between back squats and front squats to acquire as much area covered as you can.

Deadlifts: The main thing about deadlift practice is basically that you are going to want to practice your grip around the muscle it requires to lift things. Train your grip strength with wide barbell grips and merely get used to picking heavy stuff up started.

Loading: The last strongman exercise that one could be preparing for is the loading challenge. You’ll be obtaining heavy objects and moving them ten or twenty yards away, usually up high on a shelf of sorts. This can be done with atlas stones however you can find a substitute and employ with it to simulate almost how the loading will go. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you lift it as if you would a stone in competition, that it is the right weight for anything you are training for which your “practice stone” is about the same decoration.


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